Galaxy Weblinks Inc. is proud to present KPMRS.com, an initiative to assist web based businesses in monitoring the performance of their websites on various popular search engines on the Internet. The service, essentially, tracks the ranking of a website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN Live and Alexa, and provides comprehensive reports on overall performance and position variation over time, in a intuitive graphical format. Our constant motive behind designing KPMRS is to help Webmasters and Business owners to analyze the real-time performance of their websites, marketing strategies, new advertisements and promotional maneuvers. We have taken care of every little detail in presenting the analysis data to our users. We offer daily, weekly and monthly performance reports packaged in a user-friendly interface so, our users can intuitively understand how their websites or businesses are performing in the face of the ruthless competition.

We are in light of the fact that existing web analytics services target only Online marketers and keep casual online folk away. Thus, we have taken special care to cater to a wide audience, including Webmasters, SEO vendors, Corporates and especially, casual Internet users.

kpmrs.com is a service developed by Galaxy Web Links, an enterprise that has been facilitating business success on the web for more than a decade. Galaxy Web Links serves clients by delivering services focused on their specific needs, with particular emphasis on developing and integrating information systems and improving technology and business processes, and helping clients transform their business.

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