Blogging is a Great Way to Improve Conversion Rate

With internet revolution, blogging has also turned out as one of the internet marketing mediums. Earlier people post blogs to share their opinions, views or their personal stories. Now the scenario has changed, it’s more than a personal diary and is being used to promote brands online and as a strong medium to improve conversion rate. Conversion rate typically means that how many visitors have turned into your core customers. It’s crucial to deliver effective blog post to increase conversion rate. Here are some essentials and best practices that you can adapt in your writing.

Implementing targeted keywords

Writing blogs with appropriate keywords is a best practice ever from both search engine and user’s standpoint. If you don’t have targeted keywords in your blogs, then it won’t get noticed by search engine and your blog may not appear in the search results. Apply targeted keywords in your writing for maximizing your SEO efforts and readers will get what they were exactly looking for. Remember don’t stuff up blogs with loads of keywords. It may lead to spam entry and search engine may lower your website ranking. Write informative and useful content and include targeted keywords.

Deliver informative and quality content

Google has come up with its latest panda updates where it will spam duplicate and low quality content. Users always search for educative and excellent content, the one that they can rely on. So it’s important to maintain consistency and not lose quality for quantity.

Impressive title

Give your blogs catchy and informative titles. By reading your titles, readers should get an idea that what the whole blog is all about. Also it’s good for rankings, as it is your title page and anchor text for the hyperlinks. Giving your post an interesting title will bring more users to your blog post and search engine will also give authority to it.

Add images and videos

Add relevant images in your blog post. Giving your blogs a flavor of pictures and images will add more value to your content. There are many websites that provide free images you can use in your blogs. You can also add your company’s videos showcasing unique features of the products and services you offer. This will work as a live demo of your products and users will find it enlightening and fascinating.

Call to action

Call to action factor is very imperative for any blog post. This is where you tell users what to do next or where should they go to learn more. You can add a hyperlink in the blog content or can leave your company’s websites address at the end. Also you can provide “Click here” button for further information.

Be open for feedback and comments. Let readers comment on your blog to share their opinions and concerns. Responding to their comments may help in developing a strong relation with users and they will feel more connected.


Ending your blog with a well written conclusion can bring back your users and also leaves an impression on them. End up your blog post with a remarkable conclusion. Sometimes SEO experts end up their blog post with “Now it’s your turn” where they encourage users to leave their views and opinions about their post. Users feel more connected as the author has asked for their feedback and response. You can also go for well-written conclusion that summarizes your whole blog post.

Blogging is always fun for both writer and users. It’s the most popular medium to inform, educate and connect with the users. Implement above tactics in your blog post to boost popularity and conversion rate.

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  1. Phil Boren says:

    Good information. Blogs have evolved, but it remains important to write for the consumer. Good-quality content will usually drive consumers back to the blog and drive page rank as well.

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