5 Simple Ways to Optimize Email for Mobile

“Email Marketing” can be defined as dissemination of specified information to the targeted audience. It includes planning, targeting, implementing and reporting. A commercial message directly marketed to a group of people using email is called email marketing. It involves email to send ads, request business or solicit sales or donations. It means to build loyalty, trust, brand awareness, etc.

Today’s world always looks for innovative ideas. “New & improved” slogan is staying more effective. This formula is also for smart email marketers.

User’s expectation:

The user’s expectations go on increasing day-by-day. One should update the email message regularly. It involves design of email messages, content they contain, when they arrive/reach, etc. This would show whether the customers stay in touch or appeal more towards “new and improved” method.

In last few years, more emails are read through mobiles than on desktop. Majority of people read their emails on mobiles. Therefore it is important for marketers to create an effective email compatible to smartphone screens. If the content were easily read by users, then response rate would be increased automatically. Normally the brand loyalty can be nurtured at the same time. While optimizing email for mobile phones, five techniques should be kept in mind:

1. KISS – “Keep it simple, stupid” or “Keep it simple and sincere” principle must be applied for mobile email messages. One should keep in mind the delete option of an email on a mobile device. Therefore, the emails must be short, sweet and simple directly point-to-point. The short and crisp sentences could attract readers.

2. The next important point is testing the links. If images are loaded, then one should test repeatedly whether the links are opening easily. One can check this out on various devices/formats. Generally, the subscribers would lose interest, if the data takes time to download. They may get frustrated, if they keep on scrolling to read the message. Hence, message should be easy-to-read.

3. If the link must get clicks or stand apart from other links, one should make it accessible. The link should not be hidden or combined with other links. One must make sure that the emails must include links to download option.

4. The next point is the mobile email recipient is usually multitasking and distracted. The content must contain quality matter with offers and relevant information. In this segmentation and targeting helps in reaching correct message for right customers at proper time.

5. The next aspect is that the customers might tag email as a spam. Here time is everything and mobile email uses a steady pattern.

One can monitor the results and the technologies will develop to empower information about the customer related to location, purchase, time, etc. In this way, small changes can boost up the smart growth of the business.


Email Marketing:

A commercial message sent to a group of people using email called as “email marketing.” In other words, an individual email sent to a potential or current customer is also considered as email marketing. Generally, email is used to send business request, ads, solicit sales, which helps to build brand loyalty, trust and awareness.

In spite of so many other marketing tools that have been identified and used by marketing people, email continues to be the major tool for exchange of information. Spam may be a pain, but email continues to be the most relied method to exchange information. With the advent of smartphones and apps, email on the go has made email all the more important.

Nowadays social media and mobile marketing have become more fashionable venues. As these are becoming popular, the email marketing is considered as old-fashioned. This is neither a reality nor a fact. A strong marketing approach considers that a email marketing is as powerful as social media. Email provides the most direct line of communication for conversion of sales. It is also considered as cost effective.

Generally it is said that the innovative way of doing things would lead the old methods to be outdated or dead. For example, television was supposed to kill the radio, but it didn’t happen. The same case is with email marketing. The social media was supposed to kill, email but it didn’t happen.

Generally, attractive email with quality subject attracts the audience. The viewers are able to learn more about the new products of the company with get deals, discounts or coupons. The content marketing mantra about ‘self-appraising’ is less applicable here. In light of the above, we will discuss more on how to keep email alive and get the most out of the same.

Simple 5 Ways to Make Email Marketing Effective:

The success of any email marketing depends on genuine content. This must make readers to dig through spam filters to get the content.

1. Starting newsletter with auto responder.

2. Use warm, personal message greetings.

3. Two sided conversations.

4. Ask readers to white list you.

5. Pay attention so you don’t have spam triggers in your content.