Good Content or Keyword Research?

In SEO, it is really hard to decide what is more important “Good Content” or “Keyword Research?” It is like asking which part of your body is more important to you. A good site requires quality content along with good keyword research, because good keyword research cannot compensate for low-quality content. And good-quality content will not be noticed without proper keyword research.

Search engines don’t rate your website as a whole but rating is based on individual pages, this means all pages must be informative, not only home page or one specific page. User gets the idea about the content from the keywords therefore you need to be sure about the content you are going to produce before you conduct your keyword research. You can select appropriate keywords that reflect the content of your website.

Always remember that you are writing for readers and not for the search engines, so never write the content based on a few keywords that you have selected. You may lose the continuity at some point and your content will look disordered and unstructured.

Writing content based on keywords also limits your creativity and it can affect the quality of your website. Because before you start writing you don’t know how actually the webpage will turn out to be. How will it look like? If you have properly written content, you can add and delete it as per your requirement and that is going to be beneficial for your website.

Keywords should be inserted where they are actually required and don’t just stick them anywhere in the content just for sake of increasing website’s ranking. Always keep in mind that keywords can never compensate your website’s badly written content. After reading your website’s content users should not feel lost and wasted their valuable time on your website.

You can plan your website’s content and keywords, how you are going to insert these keywords? Your goal should be to implement two-three keywords per webpage and this way you can provide relevant information and maintain consistency and flow of your website.

Find correct keywords and implementing them on your website. Finding the most relevant set of words and knowing where you stand in SERP’s is equally important. You need to decide the correct and most relevant keywords that users would use to find you or your products and services. To find your keyword ranking analysis please visit

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  1. Phil Boren says:

    Quality, relevant content is king – according to Google.

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