Keeping Your Site Up To Speed

Speed is an important factor in our day to day life. When it comes to Google, it plays a vital role. Google delivers accurate, relevant search results to the users. Googles goal is to provide users relevant results and enhance user experience. Many sites concentrate on improving web quality and increase user satisfaction. Let’s look for the tools and factors that can be used to monitor, identify site speed issues, etc.

Factors that speed up a website:

1.One can set Google webmaster tools for the site. Google webmaster tools is a free web service by Google for webmasters. This helps to check indexing status and optimize visibility of the websites. The updated features help to build a strong relationship between you and search engines.

2.Firefox and Firebug plug helps to evaluate ‘page speed’ of your site. There are many tools to track and analyze your site’s current speed. There is also a plugin from Yahoo that analyzes the page and recommends ways to speed up the site.

3.One should focus on ‘HTML’ requests by picking out the problem with the complete report. The problem taking time to download is visualized. GTmetrix helps to look the grade performance at a glance of your site. The grades are provided individually against optimization recommendations.

4.One should keep tabs on site’s load time. One can also implement image optimization, HTTP request, server compression GZip, to speed up the site.

·In image optimization, images must not be larger than 100kb.

·If a browser requests more to the server, then more load is put to perform. The remedy is to reduce the number of HTTP requests made by combining files. This is done as JavaScript and CSS are time consuming.

·The server compression GZip is a method of making resources on your site into smaller files.

One can assess the difference in site performance after applying the rules mentioned above. Google labs give insight on your site’s speed. There is also a later version that helps to optimize site speed for mobile devices.

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