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Checking your website rankings on Google and Bing has become easier than ever with our latest free SEO Toolbar - The KPMRS Bar

The KPMRS Bar for Firefox & Internet Explorer is a rank checker toolbar that shows not only your website's Search Engine Rankings, but also your website's Social Popularity - making it an explosive combo pack for your SEO toolkit. And of course, IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE!

What is The KPMRS Bar and what does it dos?

The KPMRS Bar sits in your browser, occupies low memory space, and informs you of your Website Rankings on search results of Google and Bing.
The KPMRS Bar also lists the Ranks of your website on Delicious, Technorati, Digg, StumbleUpon and more! A quick and efficient way of checking up where your marketing efforts are taking your website on Search Engines and Social Media!
The KPMRS Bar tells you the real time Alexa Traffic Rank of your website.